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Projected problems for MISG 2004
(as at 23 December 2003)

1. Strip temperature in a metal coating line annealing furnace (NZ Steel)
       - to predict and control strip temperature during annealing- essential for ensuring product quality.

2. Modelling of a poultry shed (NRM/Tegel)

      - to provide underpinning decision support for the modelling of the energy exchange between the growing chickens and their shed environment.

3. Forecasting wind farm generation (Transpower NZ Ltd)
       - develop an algorithm to forecast wind farm electrical output from real-time to a day ahead, considering operational and meteorological characteristics.

4. Earthquake damage in underground roadways (Solid Energy Ltd)
       - provide a model that can relate risk/damage to underground roadways occurring from earthquake waves of varying depth, intensity and incidence.

5. Dispersion rates of wilding trees (Environment Canterbury)
       - provide a predictive model determining propagation rates of wilding trees as a function of environmental parameters so as to assist in planting and control strategies.

6. Optimal sorting of product into fixed weight packaging (Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd)
       - develop a robust routine for calculating categories of produce by weight and develop the software for implementation, using a "learning by experience" algorithm.

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