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Hjorth, P.G. and Lacey, A.A. and Micheletti, Alessandra and Tzanetis, D. and Kostoglou, V. and Novakovic, R. and Rossides, A. and Sterev, N. and Zachariou, M. (2017) Cost Optimization of Ice Distribution. [Study Group Report]
Gavranovic, H. and Stojančević, T. and Kresoja, M. and Charalambides, M. and Miidla, P. and Lynott, G. and Mallinson, A. and Kyriakides, I. (2017) Optimizing Bus Routes in Nicosia. [Study Group Report]
Araújo, A. and Gibali, A. and Kyprianou, A. and Antoniou, E. and Bustamante, M.D. and Kaminski, Y. and Okrasinski, W. and Benhame, G. and Riseth, Asbjørn Nilsen and Morosanu, C. and Porumbel, I. and Deliyiannis, C. and Micheletti, A. and Hjorth, P. and Ockendon, H. (2017) Increasing the Creativity of ENGINO Toy Sets and Generating Automatic Building Instructions. [Study Group Report]
Benham, Graham and Frolkovič, Peter and Ivanov, Tihomir and Mondal, Raka and Mondal, Sourav and Rottschäfer, Vivi and Kaouri, Katerina and Papageorgiou, Demetrios and Nikolopoulos, C. and Ockendon, H. and Christodoulides, Paul and Riseth, Asbjørn Nilsen and Lacey, A.A. (2017) Mathematical modelling of the Germasogeia aquifer. [Study Group Report]

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