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Mathematical Techniques for Neuromuscular Analysis

Williams, JF and Hek, Geertje and Vardy, Alistair and Rottschäfer, Vivi and van den Berg, Jan Bouwe and Hulshof, Joost (2005) Mathematical Techniques for Neuromuscular Analysis. [Study Group Report]



In the central nervous system, alpha-motor neurons play a key role in the chain that results in muscles producing force. A new non-invasive technique to measure the electrical activity involved with force production called High Density Surface Electromyography (HDsEMG) has been proven to be effective in providing novel clinical information on the way alpha-motor neurons control the muscles. This is important for the monitoring of the progression of certain neuromuscular disorders such as polio. The result of HDsEMG is, however, very difficult to interpret. In this paper we augment the usefulness of HDsEMG with automated mathematical techniques to aid the Motor Unit Number Estimation (MUNE) problem. Also, we create a stochastic model for the firing behavior of an alpha-motor neuron.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:Medical and pharmaceutical
Study Groups:European Study Group with Industry > ESGI 52 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jan 31-Feb 4, 2005) (SWI 2005)
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