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Compact Modeling for a Double Gate MOSFET

Ahmed, Saleem and Breward, Chris and Crowdy, Darren and Cumberbatch, Ellis and Davis, Anthony and Fehribach, Joseph D. and Grigsby, Mike and Hall, Cameron and Smith, Stefan Llewellyn (2009) Compact Modeling for a Double Gate MOSFET. [Study Group Report]



MOSFETs (metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistors) are an integral part of modern electronics. Improved designs are currently under investigation, and one that is promising is the double gate MOSFET.

Understanding device characteristics is critical for the design of MOSFETs as part of design tools for integrated circuits such as SPICE. Current methods involve the numerical solution of PDEs governing electron transport. Numerical solutions are accurate, but do not provide an appropriate way to optimize the design of the device, nor are they suitable for use in chip simulation software such as SPICE. As chips contain more and more transistors, this problem will get more and more acute.

There is hence a need for analytic solutions of the equations governing the performance of MOSFETs, even if these are approximate. Almost all solutions in the literature treat the long-channel case (thin devices) for which the PDEs reduce to ODEs. The goal of this problem is to produce analytical solutions based on the underlying PDEs that are rapid to compute (e.g. require solving only a small number of algebraic equations rather than systems of PDEs).

Guided by asymptotic analysis, a fast numerical procedure has been developed to obtain approximate solutions of the governing PDEs governing MOSFET properties, namely electron density, Fermi potential and electrostatic potential. The approach depends on the channel’s being long enough, and appears accurate in this limit.

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