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Stitching IC Images

Piché, Robert and Keyes, Edward (2002) Stitching IC Images. [Study Group Report]



Image stitching software is used in many areas such as photogrammetry, biomedical imaging, and even amateur digital photography. However, these algorithms require relatively large image overlap, and for this reason they cannot be used to stitch the integrated circuit (IC) images, whose overlap is typically less than 60 pixels for a 4096 by 4096 pixel image.

In this paper, we begin by using algorithmic graph theory to study optimal patterns for adding IC images one at a time to a grid. In the remaining sections we study ways of stitching all the images simultaneously using different optimisation approaches: least squares methods, simulated annealing, and nonlinear programming.

Item Type:Study Group Report
Problem Sectors:None/Other
Information and communication technology
Study Groups:Canadian Industrial Problem Solving Workshops > IPSW 6 (Vancouver, Canada, May 27-31, 2002)
Company Name:Semiconductor Insights
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Deposited On:13 Oct 2008
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