Training Courses

This list contains current courses for graduates and undergraduates which are focused on industrial applications and all have industrial projects as part of the curriculum.

Country/Region Course Duration
Canada MSc in Applied & Industrial Mathematics, York University 1-2 years
Germany Technomathematik, Bremen (Google translation)
India MSc in Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Madras
Ireland MACSI MSc in Mathematical Modelling, Limerick 1 year
Japan Graduate School of Mathematics, Kyushu University 2 years
The Netherlands Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Eindhoven (3 Master degrees)
New Zealand MSc in Industrial Maths and Statistics, Massey Albany
Norway Masters in Industrial Mathematics, NTNU 5 years
UK MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics, Bath 1 year FT or
2 years PT
MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, Oxford 1 year
MSc in Mathematics of Scientific and Industrial Computation, Reading 1 year
USA Harvey Mudd College, Claremont
Professional Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics, Michigan


Student modelling weeks and summer camps

The early realisation of the attractiveness of mathematics-in-industry to both undergraduate and graduates has made Modelling Weeks one of the most popular MI events organised by academics; in this context "modelling" mainly means the formulation of industrial problems in mathematical terms, but emphasis is also laid on mathematical and numerical analysis and on validation. For many students, participation in a Modelling Week is their first experience of seeing mathematics being put to practical use.

The typical format is for about 5 students per mentor to work in teams on carefully prepared problems presented by the mentors on the first day and to report back on the last day.

Country or Continent Organisation management Length Frequency
Argentina Buenos Aires, Joint Steel Industry/University. 2 weeks
Canada Graduate Industrial Mathematics Modelling Camp (GIMMC), PIMS 1 week, before Study Group Annual
BC Industrial Math Summer School (IMSS) 4 weeks Annual
China Mathematical Contest for Modelling, Annual
Europe ECMI modelling week. Rotates around ECMI Centres. 1 week 1–2 p.a.
Netherlands TU Eindhoven 1 week 2 p.a.
Spain University Complutense Madrid 1 week Annual
UPC Barcelona 3 days Annual
UK University of Oxford 1 week
USA GSMM camp 1 week, before MPI workshop Annual
IPAM (RIPS) Los Angeles 2 months Annual
Mathematical Contest in Modelling Annual
North Carolina State University modelling week
SIAM M3 Challenge Annual